Meet our team

Sweet Dreams Child Care LLC has spent the last 16 years providing unique child care solutions to the families of Pittsburgh and its surrounding communities. 

We are still growing and look forward to seeing you join the family and come grow with us!

Nyckie Nicole R. King-Brown


Though I was a mother of four, I had always been a workaholic, so I was accustomed to hard work and long hours.  The difficult part was landing reliable child care that I could trust for the most important people in my life and sometimes, I literally had to leave a position due to the lack of available care for 2nd and 3rd shifts.  So, when the opportunity arose for me to open my own child care business from home for families that had the same issues I had, it was a no brainer.

I’ve always had a heart to help others, I just never anticipated how many families would be impacted by what I saw as something I naturally loved doing anyway.

Living out the blessing of watching both my own children and the children of the families we serve grow and transform is amazing.  Having a team that loves what they do and puts their all into the overall vision to make everyday an adventure is awe-inspiring and I could not have asked for a better team.

Now, we’re just waiting for you to join the family!

18 Sweet dreams childcare LLC Pittsburgh
Sweet dreams childcare LLC Pittsburgh

Maxine K

“My favorite thing about childcare is teaching. I feel as though many daycare centers lack an education system. 

Here will be a place where your child can grow, can learn not just a typical school education focus but life skills as well.  That is also what sets this daycare apart from the rest.  And while I have yet to have my own children, being in this environment and teaching the curriculum that we’ve built; I cannot help but feel like we’ve helped in raising the ones we’ve had. 

And seeing a child’s growth, watching them turn the potential you always knew they had into a reality is what makes this job so special.”

Omeshia K

 “I believe I was drawn to children all my life.  Childcare was the career for me! I’m able to help the people in my community by providing a safe, energetic environment for their children!  It’s amazing to have the ability to watch the children of your community grow over the years.  I find joy in knowing that I took part in preparing some of our young people for the world!”

Sweet dreams childcare LLC Pittsburgh
18 Sweet dreams childcare LLC Pittsburgh

Raeven P

“I’ve always had a passion for helping and wanting to work with kids ever since I was younger. 

I have 3 beautiful children of my own.  I love coming into work and seeing all the bright smiles and excitement when I walk into the door. 

We get to laugh, play, sing, & act silly.  Everything about working in childcare is amazing.

The kids bring out my creativity and imagination, they all are truly my bonus kids.”

Emily D

“I chose child care because I love making a difference in a child’s life. 

Teaching them something new and seeing they’re using it is very rewarding!”

Sweet dreams childcare LLC Pittsburgh
Sweet dreams childcare LLC Pittsburgh

Mary K